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Name:Evelyn Trevelyan
Birthdate:Jul 1
Meet Evelyn Trevelyan, a young noblewoman of Ostwick in the Free Marches of Thedas. Or that’s what she would have been if her magic hadn’t started to show itself at a young age. Swiftly spirited off to Ostwick’s Circle of Magi, she has lived there ever since.

At first, obviously, she was terribly unhappy at being taken from her family. Since then she has had time to think, and come to the conclusion that if she has to be in a cage, she’d rather it weren’t the gilded one of a noble or the rigid one of the Templars (not that she can do physical combat much anyway). At least her cage has books and learning and experiments.

Though she does not like to admit it, that attitude is more than a little of a coping mechanism. Some of the Templars are nice enough—some are even family, technically—but Evelyn is not unaware that they are, at bottom, jailors. While she’s also seen what happen when magic goes wrong, and they did step in at the right time there, she can’t entirely explain why she goes to some lengths to avoid them. Maybe it’s just that they share no interests.

(Almost. There may be a few she meets every so often when they need to sneak away for some lengthy discussion about Hard in Hightown.

And it really is too bad that they’re Templars and still make her uncomfortable, because one or two of them are really attractive. All the exercise.)

Currently, Evelyn is still safely ensconced in the Ostwick Circle, studying her magic and learning as much as she possibly can. She’s heard that some of her cousins who had a knack for sticking the pointy ends of weapons into other people went into training and became Templars; she can only confirm the two who got assigned to Ostwick, one of them her cousin and the other her taciturn uncle (actually father’s second cousin once removed but that’s complicated) in semi-retirement as the local commander. They are her only real outside contact. Sometimes it makes her wish for a little more, but she reminds herself it’s a singularly bad idea.

There’s a world out there which distrusts and fears her. She tries to stay cheerful, even seeing how miserable those forced to be here are, even knowing the steel of the Templars hovers, but… the Ostwick circle isn’t so bad, and it’s safe—and the only home she knows.

At least nothing’s likely to disturb that any time soon, right?

Adventure can be nice to read about. She can live without one herself.

Evelyn Trevelyan (The Inquisitor) is from Dragon Age: Inquisition, and is the property of Bioware. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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